YMS School of Aviation and Transportation Studies offers IATA approved courses. It is a unique aviation school offering training in travel and tourism as there only a few training schools in Nigeria that are fully professionals.

We are committed to providing quality aviation training programme in travel and tourism to assist individual or group of students achieve their personal and professional goals.



Course Objective

At the end of the programme, participants should be able to:

  • Deliver exceptional service, meet and exceed in flight safety and service needs of customers.
  • handle difficult customer's complaints, objections and queries.
  • Prepare pre-flight passenger handling plans.
  • handle emergency situations through simulation exercises (ditching, fire fighting, hijack practical, etc.).
Course Content
  • General Aircraft Knowledge
  • Air Law and Procedure
  • Operational and Dispatch Procedure
  • Communication
  • Meteorology
  • Aviation Physiology and Psychology
  • First Aid in Aviation Medicine
  • S.E.P [Emergency Procedure/Safety and Survival]
  • Aviation Security
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Health and Beauty therapy
  • Service Procedure
  • Passenger Care and Psychology
  • Feedback
  • Crew Resource Management


Course Objective

This course is targeted is targeted at those who want to launch a career in the travel a career in the travel, Aviation and Hospitality industry. It will equips with every vital information and skills you need to launch a successful and colourful career.

Course Content
  • Phonetic Alphabets
  • Three Letter City and Airport Codes
  • Journey Vs Pricing Unit Concept
  • IATA Geography and Global indicators
  • Fare Selection Criteria
  • Currency rules
  • One way Fare Construction
  • Return Trip Fare Construction
  • Child and Infants Fares
  • Circle Trip Fare Construction
  • Travel Formalities
  • Ticketing
  • Electronic Booking Tools (EBT)


Course Objective

On completion of the training, participants should:

  • Be proficient in the use of Global Distribution Systems.
  • Be able to complete international travel documents in accordance with the applicable IATA rules and procedures.
  • To answer customer queries, quote rates & supplements, explain conditions and book tour products.
  • Make appropriate travel arrangements and reservations
  • Calculate and quote appropriate airfares
  • Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that front-line contact with the customer is remarkable
Course Content
  • Airfares & Ticketing + EBT (Electronic Booking Tool)
  • The Business Environment of the Travel and Tourism Industry
  • Geography in Travel Planning
  • Travel Formalities
  • Land Transport Rail 1
  • Land Transport Car Camper
  • Hotels
  • Water Transport Ferry
  • Tour Package 1
  • Air Transport Essentials
  • Customer Services
  • Technology in the Travel industry 1


Course Objective

On completion of the training participants should be able to:

  • Have a solid background, knowledge and skills in cargo operations.
  • Gain insight into rules, regulations, safety and security as it affects Cargo handling functions.
  • Understand the cargo industry and how it operates.
  • Use and interpret codes used in cargo operations.
Course Content:
  • General Philosophy
  • Cargo Entities and Organisations
  • World Geography & time Zones
  • Port Charges Process & Procedures
  • Cargo Automation
  • Aircraft Types vis-a-vis Ground Support Equipment
  • Flight Routines Cargo Rating Control System
  • Cargo Air Tariff
  • Liability & Claim Handling
  • Air Waybill completion
  • Special Cargo (DGR)


Course Content>
  • Tariff
  • Frieght forwarding
  • Export Management
  • Marine Insurance
  • Documentation
  • Geography
  • Shipping Management
  • Maritime Law
  • Maritime Economics
  • Logistics


Course Objective

This course will equip participants with the following skills and knowledge:

  • Awareness of the legal requirements, operational restrictions, packaging instructions, marking, labeling and documentation pertaining to the transport of dangerous goods.
  • Skills on appropriate safety precautions in accepting, handling and processing shipments of dangerous goods.
Course Content
  • General Philosophy
  • General Goods and Unusual Shipments
  • Dangerous Goods Limitation
  • Classification
  • Radioactive Materials and Transport Index
  • List of Dangerous Goods
  • Labeling and Marking
  • Unit Load Devices
  • Precautionary Measures
  • Inspection of Damaged Packages
  • Handling of Damaged Packages
  • Pilots Notification
  • Provisions for PAX and Crew
  • Emergency Procedures

Classes hold Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am - 1pm. We also have weekend clases for part-time students holding Saturdays from 9am - 4pm.

For admission enqiries please visit our office or call +234 01 7937 159, 0803 324 6961